Consulting Services

Real Estate Consulting Services

Reports for specific assets/properties or the Real Estate market, as per Client’s request covering indicatively the following areas:

  • Asset Disposal – Monetization – Sales/Exit Strategy
  • Asset Optimization Strategy – (eg. finalization of unfinished projects, conversion of use, budget estimation, leasing strategy, etc.)
  • Property Development (eg. design and planning, permitting, budget estimation, tender organization, etc.)
  • Market Reports
  • Feasibility Studies / Analyses

Technical Services

Technical Services will include the following:

  • Technical Inspection, Technical due diligence of assets.
  • Technical File Assessment (eg. permits, acts, and other technical documentation of building evaluation).
  • Project Management — projects financed by Investors or Banks for clients and/or REO (Continuous presence of PRET engineers).
  • Project Monitoring — projects financed by Investors or Banks for clients (Normally monthly progress verification reports.

Asset Management

Asset Management will include the following:

  • Overall property supervision — including overseeing the property & facility manager.
  • Liaison among the landlord, the bank, public/state authorities and any other stakeholder.
  • Management / Financial reporting.
  • Annual and periodic budgeting & business planning.
  • Debt strategy — loan restructuring, etc.
  • Asset Value Enhancement — proposals and implementation.
  • Asset disposal / exit strategy — evaluate proposals, coordinate implementation

Property & Facility Management Services

Property & Facility Management Services will include the following:

  • Existing Tenant Management — contract follow-up, rent collection, etc.
  • New Leasing activity — coordinating brokers, property visits by interested tenants, contract signing, etc.
  • Tendering for Facility Services.
  • Facility Services Management / Supervising.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Budgeting & Reporting.
  • Compliance with all state / public requirements.

Commercial Brokerage Services

Commercial Brokerage Services (primarily for REO), will include the following:

  • Liaise with the network of brokers.
  • Broker Management.
  • Marketing of properties.
  • Promotion and sale of assets.
  • Leasing Strategy.
  • Leasing of premises.

Valuation services

Valuation services :

  • PRET is equipped with first grade licenses for the evaluation of agricultural land, land for construction and building
  • PRET provides valuations for the bank’s owned assets, as well as for all new evaluations and re-evaluation of the bank’s client collateral assets.
  • PRET has established national coverage with appraisers, certified by Albanian Authorities